• Autocad 2013 For Mac

    Autocad 2013 For Mac

    A couple of years ago, I in AutoCAD 2011 for Mac. While some generous souls were prepared to accept something half-baked as a first attempt, even that excuse doesn’t wash when it comes to a third iteration. So how well is Autodesk doing at filling those holes? Decide for yourself. Fusion is this week available for OS X, although only on the most recent version of the Mac operating system, and that costs $20 to upgrade. AutoCAD 2012 and 2013 for Windows has Content Palette, but runs really slowly due to the indexing it does.


    AutoCAD for Windows also supports multi-touch, but I am not sure if it is implemented. (I don’t have a touch-based Windows computer on which to test it.) Yah, it is wrong for Autodesk to charge 100% for an AutoCAD that’s only 67% there.

    2D objects and annotation can be added to a drawing.

    OTOH, they charge $900 for LT Mac (with no refunds) but $0 for the more powerful Fusion. Krazy Ed’s pricing! Almost all simple AutoLISP routines should work fine.

    Lots of stuff that has been written since 1999 and uses Visual LISP’s ActiveX functionality won’t work at all. It’s hard to be more specific than that because Autodesk doesn’t document exactly what’s broken. The Visual LISP editor itself is MIA.

    Autodesk has already devalued the AutoCAD name to a level way, way lower than the mediocre standard set by AutoCAD for Mac. It did this by calling its online viewing/markup tool “AutoCAD WS”. It bears no resemlance to AutoCAD other than the name and its limited ability to use DWG files, something shared by many non-Autodesk products. Thinking of a Mac-based office (been there + done that = ugh), at what point does it become easier/more cost-effective to simply buy a couple of PCs for AutoCAD work? First, you can actually buy two PCs for the price of one Mac, and second, AutoCAD will effectively be cheaper to buy, because even at the same price, you get more functionality. I think autodesk is taking advantage of the nature of Mac users, (“You’ll get my Mac away from me only when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!”), and laughing all the way to the bank.

    1. AutoCAD 2013. MAC Missing Lines When Plotting? Jul 24, 2013. I am using autocad 2013 on Mac and plotting to hp designjet 510. Lines are always missing when I print especially medium to thin lines or hidden lines or for example hatch tile lines.
    2. Hello Techyv Guys, I need to know the exact font location in AutoCAD 2013 MAC, I have placed few fonts in my user Library but it is not showing up in the text style dialog box, Please advise.

    Well, from 1994 thru 1998 we had a AppleTalk peer-to-peer network with PowerMacs running AutoCAD R12 (for Apple), and we were VERY relieved to switch to PCs with R14. A few of the disadvantages of the Macs were poor speed, high prices, and very few upgrade options. Since Apple has switched to Intel, ATI, and nVidia, I’m sure they’re faster than when they were Motorola/IBM chips, but the cost remains unjustifiably high – there again, I suspect the vendors are simply taking advantage of the nature of Mac fans, and just charging what that market will bear. Besides, haven’t you heard? “Everything is BIM nowadays” (said like Chevy Chase talked about ball bearings in “Fletch”: ), and Revit for Mac is not even a jingle in anybody’s pants.

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    Version 2013.2:. Fixed compatibility issues on Mac OS X Mavericks and improved overall stability. Bug fixes include:. Multiple compatibility issues on Mavericks.

    Newly created button does not show in the Tool Sets palette. Find and Replace dialog now keeps the view with finding result after dialog dismissed. Palette position is not remembered in certain situation on single monitor. AutoCAD hangs when import some kind of corrupted hatch patterns. Slow response when move cursor over the layer dropdown menu on Layers palette. AutoCAD hangs when open some drawings with excessive layer filters.

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    The OPEN dialog now responds to the File Format selection. Performance becomes slow when using Hatch a lot. The plotted PDF file size is too large if the plotstyle is using Milter/Bevel/Round Line join style. Page setup dialog now shows correct paper size when a different printer is selected. Page setup dialog now shows readable paper size name. AutoCAD now does not show the Select template dialog when plotting drawings with unreconciled layers. Object plot style property cannot be changed through the Properties Inspector.

    Status Bar refreshes heavily when work in Layout. Sometimes the SELECTIONPREVIEW system variable is set to 0 during drawing edit and zoom.

    Autocad 2013 For Mac